About Brian Leary

Growing up in a house with a color darkroom and a father passionate about photography, Brian Leary was quite literally – exposed to photography from birth. After calling Seattle home for nearly twenty years, Brian now resides in the Los Angeles area.

With an insatiable wanderlust, Brian has explored more than twenty countries and driven his way through more than two-thirds of the USA. During his travels, the natural world around him and the cultures and people inhabiting it are often the focus of his imagery. Landscapes- both day and night, wildlife, street photography and time-lapses are just a few of topics that he shoots and teaches regularly.  As a full-fledged travel addict, Brian has had the opportunity to photograph everything from endangered rhinoceroses to the Dalai Lamas 50th anniversary of his exile from Tibet.

Combining his love for photography and travel, with a nearly 20-year history in the photographic industry, Brian now leads photography workshops to some of his favorite locations around the world. The rest of the time Brian teaches in private and group settings along with speaking at events, writing tutorials and producing video tutorials for various companies.

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